Bill Dickson
Jeff Celie
Chris Winklemann
Pastor Butch Reed
Pastor Denny Soule
Men's Weekend # 123 / My Life Is Found In Yours / 28-Sep - 01-Oct
Lakeville United Methodist Church
610 N Michigan Street
Lakeville, IN
Rector / Co Rector
Head Coordinator
Spiritual Directors
Living Stones Church
718 East Donmoyer
South Bend, IN
South West Michigan DeColores
Men's Weekend - Last Updated: 24-Sep-17 v1
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Past Rector / Rectoress:
Saturday 7:15am

Church Service:
Sunday 10:20

Sunday 5:30
Weekend Scripture:

Joshua 1:9
Holy Hour - Friday 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Commissioning Dinner - Saturday Sept 23rd - Lakeville United Methodist Church - Starting at 6:00pm