President Couple Chris & Faye Thompson Prayer Request Team Alice Miller
Vice President Couple Rick & Barb Erickson Facebook Group Adminstrator Dawn DuFour Mallo
Past President Couple Vern & Gwen Hochstetler Website Administrator Kevin Ball
Secretary Lora Beachy Area Representatives
Treasurer Sheila Winklemann St. Joseph / Benton Harbor Vacant
Spiritual Advisor Pastor Jack Bishop
Cassopolis / Marcellus Win & Lea Weddington
Newsletter Editor Vacant
Kalamazoo Vacant
Historian Harold Davis Sr. Niles / Buchanan Dennis O'Neill
Pre DeColores (Registration) Connie Segers
South Bend / Mishawaka / Granger / Elkhart
Chris Winklemann
In DeColores (Trailer) Ron & ElAyne Hayden Decatur / Sister Lakes / Dowagiac Vacant
Post DeColores (Ultreya) John Smith National Representatives Joan Litke
Palanca Coordinator Judy Lynn O'Neill
Secretariat Board Members
South West Michigan DeColores
Contacts - Last Updated: 15-Jan-17 v1
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